I'm a bilingual voiceover, podcast host, company director, talent scout, voice agent, copywriter, translator, a father, a husband and I'm honest.

My name is Michele Mariotti and I’m a voice. Where?

TV, digital ADV, documentaries, IVR, but Radio was my first love.

I work in Italian and in English.

When I was born , we were living the economic boom and my passion for music begins with the soundtrack of the movie Jesus Christ Superstar , whose tape had literally been consumed by my casettes player.  Then I got caught up by The British music invading the world from Clash to Madness.
And a little madness took possession of me.
I started working for Studioradio, a local station in Cremona, Italy at the age of 15. At 18 I was 2nd on Radio Grand Prix podium, the first competition between young radio presenters launched by Radio 105 .
After a few years I left the university and continue my adventure in radio , I’ ve worked for Radio Number One in Brescia, in a beautiful venue inside the Paradiso club , taken acting classes at the CTA in Milan and then came the first job for adv as voice over . At the end of the 90 I became the male voice of the TV Show Fuego , With Alessia Marcuzzi , and of other Mediaset shows such as Stirpe Reale . About that I have a curious anecdote to tell.
The production had already chosen none other than Ferruccio Amendola, a super italian dubber, as program voice, but then the new network director Maurizio Costanzo decided that a younger voice like mine would have been much better, and for me it was a great satisfaction .

Other hostings in Video Music, Radio Capital, and Radio Reporter.

Then I became the network voice of some satellite channels including la Macchina del Tempo, Gay TV and Sky.In the same years the voice artists Network was born: a network of international voices heading to my recording studio in the Center of Milan.  

In 2015 I decided to move to London and open V.O.Art ltd, an international voices agency, where the talents recordings had been done directly in their own home studios, a costume from covid onwards. 
And it is precisely at the time of Covid that I decided to launch my bilingual podcast Polyglot Radio after moving from London to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, in 2020.
Among the protagonists of my podcast many of the guests became  Podcasters. The idea of a single podcast evolved into the first multilingual webradio with the same name Polyglotradio, Speak Your Language.


The experience in Gran Canaria ended after less than a year and with my partner Francesco, now Polyglot Radio Ltd Director , we went back to London, a more suitable place to grow an innovative startup like ours.  It´s not only a web radio with news every hour and fresh music 24/7, but also a podcast production house in different languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and soon shows in other languages will start.
We are looking for investors , if anyone likes our project, in details on F6S.com, or on Twitter/X , get in touch via e-mail.michele@polyglotradio.com .

contact me here: info@michelemariotti.it Apollo Image Gallerypdm 1.0